5 Tips To Buy A Seized Car Through Police Auto Auctions

Most kids dream of becoming a cop, being able to ride the police car and engage in some heroic deed and save the day of another person.

It sounds just perfect for a dream.

To some who eventually became cops, the possibility is present. To those who did not make it, dreaming is still an option or at the least, they can purchase a car from the police auctions.

Police Auto Auctions

Ordinarily speaking, one cannot really purchase police cars and cause misrepresentation to the public.

However, through the public or government auto auctions, police cars and other cars that have figured in police encounters or seizures can be sold for use by purchasers.

Through the police auto auctions, cars that are seized by the government can be purchased by the highest bidder.

This way any properties that are previously deemed illegal for use can now be properly released to willing buyers for a legitimate utility.

It is also one way of buying cars at very reasonable, if not completely cheap prices.

The automobiles showcased on police auctions can range from the ordinary car foreclosed or to a luxurious BMW or Mercedes seized by the government away from criminal or fraudulent transactions.

There are also government vehicle like those used for transportation services or the retired police automobiles that are up for sale at very low prices.

The good thing about the government vehicles is that one can expect these to be well-maintained considering they have been used for service.

Helpful Tips in Making the Wise Purchase at Police Auto Auctions

1. Know the Date of the Auction

Public auctions are given by the police departments at certain days of the year. Know which day it is scheduled in your locality by inquiring at the police department or checking the listings for announcement.

Some details that you will need can also be checked out on the internet. There are certain web sites that provide the information. Check out if there is one that features your locality.

2. Research Ahead regarding the Car

Those who wish to purchase automobiles must research on the specifications that they need from a car and what types of autos should be focused on during the auction.

This way, one can determine what price is reasonable enough to pay for.

3. Research Ahead regarding the Public Auction

If there are any announcements as to the public auctions, inquire ahead if there are cars up for bidding.

Police auctions involve stuff seized by the government because of crimes committed by other people, most of the time.

Unless it is labeled as police auto auctions, there is no certainty that the public auction will necessarily include cars.

4. Prepare Enough Money

Unlike regular auctions, police auto auctions require that goods sold are purchased right away.

Even checks, as a general rule, may not be accepted unless the department makes exceptions after proper processing.

5. No Warranties

Consider also the element that the purchase you made will not include a warranty for the vehicle. The car you bought cannot be simply returned if it did not meet your expectations. It is also difficult to get reimbursements.


People need cars to easily and efficiently go about their daily lives. Not having enough money is not anymore an obstacle.

Simply maximize events such as police auto auctions and you can get more worth for less money.