Proud Owner Of A Bentley And A Car Cover

It is very easy to buy a car cover nowadays. When searching online there are literally hundreds of sites that sell covers. There are also many, many different types of covers for every climate and storage condition. It is easy search for the cover that is ideal for you, at the price that suits you. You will find, as I did, that they are not nearly as expensive as everyone thinks, and they do a much better job than everyone thinks.

As a result of covering my Bentley with a car cover, I am no longer concerned about how the rain will affect my car. Until now, I was worried that the acid in the rain would eat away the glorious paintwork, and it would all peel and be patchy. I was worried about watermarks being left on the exterior, and the bodywork rusting.

However, my cover is totally waterproof and hence, rain, sleet, snow all run off the sides. Nothing enters and my Bentley remains bone dry, and in perfect condition. The material of the cover is breathable so that air and moisture are let out, away from the car. This gives my Bentley a chance to breathe and sweat whilst covered, without getting steamed up and rotting.

With a cover, the sun isn’t a problem either. The sun is extremely powerful and has the potential to ruin both the interior and exterior of any car. The internal workings of a car are at risk of getting ruined when the car is left standing in the heat. The car also gets unbearably hot and stuffy and impossible to drive in. The ultra-violet rays from the sun melt the finish of the car, and bleach the paintwork. What remains is a car that is dull, drab looking with no colour to speak of. I definitely did not want this happening to my Bentley. Well, it doesn’t, because my cover is ultra-violet resistant and will stop the rays from filtering through!

An added bonus that I get by having a cover is that my Bentley is shielded from nicks and dings that so often occur even when the car stationary. This can happen in the form of flying debris in the wind, or too many people brushing past the car. Either way, now that my Bentley is covered with a car cover, the impact is absorbed without an impression having to be left on the car itself.

Naturally, when a car is covered, it doesn’t get stained by birds droppings, tree sap and dust. This are local nuisances that come in any climate, and everyone hates them. Thankfully, I am not troubled by them any more, and my Bentley can stay spotlessly clean.

I found that a car cover was a really worthwhile investment, as suddenly, I didn’t have the need to constantly send my car in for a wash. These $5 add up! I also saved myself from having to polish and re-wax my car. All these expenses were suddenly cut down on and I have ended up saving more money than the car cover cost.