In-Vehicle Infotainment

For many years, car entertainment has been primarily the CD player/radio and satellite radio. However with the advancements in information technology such as mobile wireless routers and tablet PCs (e.g. Apple iPad), a new world has opened up for car entertainment. The term “infotainment” has been used by the auto industry and many others to describe this new entertainment media. Infotainment is basically a neologistic portmanteau of information and entertainment. Unfortunately, the auto industry has been slow to develop technologies that provide drivers and passengers with an innovative/creative infotainment experience. This new market has clearly been underdeveloped and it seemed to me that it was time for something brand new.

When I started GWizNex, LLC last year, I had a clear goal in mind – to develop a product that could provide our customers with the most creative infotainment experience in the world while driving. Of course, mapping the process of creative ideas to implementation seemed to be rather mosaic. Putting the pieces of this infotainment puzzle together in a meaningful way was almost overwhelming. I knew that showering this product with resources was only part of the solution, but it really required something more. It required a level of imagination that could take it to the stars. Therefore, I hired and consulted with great artists, business leaders and engineers in many companies to create the world’s first infotainment radio, “GWizNex InfoRadio”. To provide drivers with a high-degree of comfort while driving and using this product, it is designed to operate almost identical to a CD player/radio. But this product is much more than a typical CD player/radio, it literally allows the driver to surf the internet while driving. When I mention that to most people, the first response that I get is “that is dangerous and illegal”. Of course, it is neither dangerous nor illegal no more than operating a CD player/radio would be according to common sense and the law. It is the fact that surfing the internet is commonly thought of as desktop function. In other words, it should only be something accomplished while sitting at a desk or table. To lower this barrier of thought/misconception, I really wanted to create the design that is already routinely used while driving which is the CD player/radio.

The magnitude of this innovation is definitely enormous. It is now possible to surf the internet for all your favorite categories of infotainment while driving. This means that the boredom of driving is almost completely eliminated. Imagine having the ability to listen to anything that you want on the internet at any time while driving to a friend’s house or going to Walmart. And certainly for long distances, the GWizNex InfoRadio is perfect. Getting bored while driving is now a thing of the past.