Sophisticated Car Stereos Can Enhance the Joy of Driving

Driving in a sunny day, while jamming to your favorite songs, is a completely different experience as compared to driving in the same sunny day but without having any music whatsoever. What it suggests is that your car audio system has the power to change the whole atmosphere of your car.

In fact, there are some people who believe that the best place to listen to your favorite music is none other than your car. It is the place where you take control over everything. While in a car, you are the boss and your car stereo system will be your slave. Just order your gorgeous slave but pushing the button and it will start amusing you in a remarkable way.

The glorious history of car audio system:

It is a fact that your slave, car audio system, has become quite attractive and gorgeous but that was not the case in past.

Car audio systems were first introduced in twentieth century which was an outcome of American’s love of automobile. That was the time when radios started to get popular and that’s when someone thought of putting these radios into a car.

In the beginning, these were AM radios with tubes for the radio, driver, preamp and output sections. There was nothing too flashy about them, in fact, they were quite bulky. Although these radios were pretty basic but the major problem with them was about the fragility of tubes.

With the passage of time, new additions were made to car radios and the introduction of an additional speaker was a good step for sure. The addition of “wonderbar” was impressive as well. The stage after this was the introduction of HI-Fi where more accessories were added to car audio system like a woofer to increase bass, a crossover to blend more than one speaker, and so on.

Improvement in looks and a major problem:

Gradually, companies started to make more attractive and appealing audio systems for cars. That was the start of a new era as car audio systems had started to transform into more sophisticated electronic equipment. But, that was the time when another problem cropped up. With changing in car audio systems, more and more thieves started to target them. It was the mid 1980s, when there was an overwhelming increase in the car stereo theft incidents. It made engineers to think on different lines and then came stereo systems with codes which were useless without entering the right code.

After this specific time, there was no looking back and car audio industry evolved in an outstanding pace. It is only due to this evolution that now you can find a number of car stereos companies producing CD players which don’t only provide you a safe and secure way to listen to music but also helps you to enjoy the crispness of sound.