Ways To Save Money On Car Audio Despite VAT Rises

The rise of VAT up to 20% has hit most of us hard – the biggest hit of course being fuel and electric products. For many car owners this has come as a great blow, mainly to their pocket, as their extra cash is going towards fuel rather than holidays and other luxury items for them and their car. However, VAT rises does not necessarily have to have such a great impact, if you are smart about your investment. Meaning you still can buy that car audio system without being out of pocket.

Look Out For Deals

Although you may not be able to avoid VAT rises entirely, look out for deals on car audio, such as sales or discounts. Apply for e-newsletters as may have promotional vouchers, enabling you to get money off. Also, compare prices wherever you go before you purchase a car audio system.

Find Retailers Who Have Not Raised Their Prices As Yet

Secondly, research retailers who have not raised their prices in conjunction with VAT rises as yet. Many retailers have spurred off the price rises, fearing that many won’t buy their products. This means for the next couple of months, many large businesses will not be hiking up their prices till at least spring, giving you a few months to buy what you need at an affordable price still.

So it’s not entirely bad news, as you can still buy products at an affordable price for a while yet. Have a look at each company’s current VAT and price rising policy for more information on rises.

Go Energy Efficient

Another way you can save money is by going a little greener! No, were not about to tell you to run your car off chip fat oil! But you can save money on fuel by incorporating a car audio system that is energy efficient. With fuel going up in price, a good method to tackle this problem is by using less of it! Surprisingly, a car audio system can use a great amount of energy, some of which is wasted as heat. Wasting energy is certainly not good for the environment, or for your pocket, so why not invest for the long term in a high quality car audio system that uses less energy. You can find energy efficient car CD/Mp3 players, subwoofers and speakers, all of which will help lower your fuel costs. Having an amplifier added to your car audio system, will also help you use the power needed for each component, so that there is no power surges or no unwanted energy lost.