Leather Biker Chaps, Are They Just For Looks?

Take note, the next time you go out for a drive on the open road, at how many motorcycles and riders there are sharing the highways these days. Motorcycle riding has been around for years, and I sure don’t see it going out of style anytime soon. Motorcycle riding has grown in popularity with each year that passes. It has become more popular not only with the men but especially the lady riders as well.

Now days people ride not only for the enjoyment and the tranquility that one receives from being on the open road with the wind rushing against their face. They also ride their motorcycles because of the economy and the rising cost of gas. A motorcycle gets far better gas mileage than driving your vehicle everywhere you go. This is why we are sharing the road with more and more motorcycles today.

Have you ever noticed just how many of the riders on those bikes are wearing leather biker chaps?

Have you ever wondered why they wear them?

Most people that see a biker notice the motorcycle chaps that he or she is wearing. The average person probably thinks the rider is wearing them to personify a certain image.

Almost like the character Fonzie, on the Sitcom Happy Days, take away his leather jacket and to most people he just doesn’t look as cool. He just wouldn’t be Fonzie without that leather jacket. Did he wear it just to look cool? We may never know. All we know is that leather jacket was just part of him and it sure painted an image of his personality.

Most people see the same in a biker. Almost to the point of them thinking, “A rider isn’t a full-fledged biker if he or she doesn’t have on their leather biker chaps. ” While I agree as a fellow rider, that for some reason my motorcycle leather chaps makes me feel whole as a rider, they do draw attention and put off a very cool image. Most riders always wear some form of leather when they ride. Whether riding in cold or hot weather. Some may wonder why the biker is usually wearing a form of leather, but just never ask.

The truth of the matter is this. They wear the leathers not only because they are cool looking. Also, the leather acts as a second skin in case of an accident. In an accident the leathers allow you to slide across the pavement. This way the pavement may eat away at your motorcycle leather chaps, but at the same time your leathers are helping to protect your skin.

Although, wearing leathers does not make you invincible, without leathers your skin is totally unprotected. I believe that all riders should have a set of quality genuine leathers if for no other reason than protection.