Buying a Motorhome – Pre-Buy Considerations

More and more people are buying motorhomes to use for lengthy road trips or just short vacations, and for some, choosing the most appropriate vehicle can be a real headache. But if you set aside some time for research and the decision making process, getting the right one will not be so daunting. Here are some of the most important points to consider.

– How many people will generally be sleeping in the motorhome? The first thing you need to know is the amount of people you expect to be sleeping in the motorhome. There are motorhomes designed to comfortably sleep just two people, all the way up to those designed to sleep ten, if you intend to simply escape for the weekend with your partner then you can happily make do with a ‘2-berth’, whereas if you want to take the children with you, or perhaps you want to go away for a group retreat then you will need a larger motorhome, perhaps a ‘6-berth’. It is important to know that even a motorhome labeled as a ‘6-berth’ may be unable to fit six adults easily.

– What features and facilities do you require the motorhome to have? You should have a clear idea of what facilities you will be requiring with your motorhome, you can get a motorhome that has as many features as a well designed flat however such a thing will cost you a fair price. With this the case the best approach is to list the things you think you need then put them in order of those you really cannot live without, to those that would be handy to have but are not a necessity. Such as the sizes of the beds, a freezer, microwave, large LCD TV etc.

– What types of terrain will the motorhome be driven on? Another important factor to consider when purchasing a motorhome is where you will be taking that motorhome. If you intend to stick to roads then you can buy any motorhome you wish, however if you are more of an adventurer and will be taking the motorhome over tricky terrain then you will need to spend more money to get a motorhome that is equipped to handle such terrain, you will likely need to get a 4×4 motorhome than can easily go off road without the threat of getting stuck or breaking down.

– How many miles will the motorhome yield you per gallon of gas? Gas costs are a very important consideration to factor in, as the size and weight of the motorhome and its contents will heavily determine the number of miles you can use for the gas you purchase. For the most part, 2 berths will get you 35 mpg, and as they get bigger, the mileage decreases until you get the 10mpg RVs that carry many people and have all the amenities. If you get an LPG-conversion motorhome, you will only pay about half as much for gas as normal.