Tandem Axle Fender Skirts – Know the Safety Aspects That Fender Skirts Offer

If you mention tandem axle fender skirts to most people they will immediately think of cars that have been customized a throw back to the 50’s and 60’s when it was all the rage to take your ordinary car and add some body parts to show it off. Now, this is all well and good but these skirts are actually a very good addition to most vehicles. They can be used on RV’s, cars, trailers and even trucks have them fitted. Some auto manufacturers still fit them as standard but, usually they are an added extra if your vehicle was not fitted with them and you would still like to have them, then they are not that difficult to attach to your car or RV. Not into do it yourself things? Don’t worry your local garage workshop is bound to be able to help.

Fender skirts can actually help protect your vehicle and save you money on gas. They save on gas by cutting down on the drag effect caused by wind being caught in the wheel space and pulling on the car. The protection they offer is from small rocks and stones that can get thrown up from the roads. As a vehicle owner you are most certainly going to have noticed that it doesn’t take long for your car to start losing its looks no matter how careful you are or how often you clean it. Small dents and paint chips soon become visible. This is particularly relevant if you tend to take your vehicle off road, maybe to camp sites on vacation or for truck owners that have to go to building sites where it’s always extremely muddy and wet. Even those people that have to use their cars for work and don’t even go off road, it doesn’t take long for those paint chips to appear. There is a safety aspect to these fenders as well, especially those that go off road. How many times have you left a site and not noticed a small stone or rock jammed between the tires. This can be very dangerous to other road users should it become dislodged on the open road. Fender skirts can help by deflecting the object in a downward motion making it less likely to be thrown outwards into the path of other vehicles.

It doesn’t matter what make or model of vehicle you own and want to protect. Fender skirts are available for all types of vehicles. Made from a very tough ABS high impact they can stand up to a lot of hard knocks. They are quite easy to fit to your vehicle. Should you decide to sell it they can easily be removed and fitted to your next one as long as it’s of the same make but check first, or you could sell them on by advertising. You can normally buy fender skirts to match your vehicles’ paint color or you may want to make a bit of a statement and get them in a complimentary color.