Why Consumers Should Not Stop Driving the SUV

When a family of 4 or more travels together the SUV is a necessity. It is not possible to get everything that is needed for a family of 4 in a smaller vehicle and only requires a family to use two vehicles if smaller ones are used. I recently spent five months in Spain and you can see the emergence of families driving larger vehicle. The European communities do not travel the same distances we are used to traveling but they are finding out that even everyday use by their families require a larger vehicle.

The only time the SUV is inappropriate for used is during the daily commute with only one person in the vehicle. A major difference between Europe and the United States is that Europe has a much better public transportation system. You can travel by light rail or bus from the suburban areas and then transfer to local city transportation to complete your journey.

What is the answer to get the commuters out of their cars? Efforts should be made to provide an improved system of transportation. This cannot be approached without looking at the whole system that is needed. Both ends of the light rail system need to be improved in order for the commuters to travel from their homes to the light rail or bus stations and then continue to their destination at the other end of the light rail or bus transportation.

Currently a lot of construction of new transportation is pointed toward installing new commuter lanes. Instead of the new commuter lanes we should be taking away the center portions of the freeways and install light rail on all the freeways. This light rail could serve a majority of the freeway exits and improved public transportation in the suburbs and the cities. This action could lower the number of commuters better than building more lanes for the traffic which will only increase the number of cars on the road.

Another issue to be addressed is fuel efficiency. The government must force better fuel efficiency in order for the American consumer to be able to operate the automobiles and SUVs at a reasonable cost. The larger sized vehicle are really needed by the larger families and at the same time the sale of the more expensive vehicles would allow the big 3 to rehire their employees that have been laid off. Healthcare and its cost is another action that needs to be addressed. That will be the subject of my next article.