Is Your Semi Truck Down?

What do you usually do when your truck is down? When your semi truck is down, you do not have to panic and fret. Stay calm and plan on the things you need to do. To do things without planning will do more harm to yourself than to your truck. So, what should be done? You only need to remember a few things before you take actions.

Be aware of your safety.

If your semi truck is down on a busy highway, stay inside your vehicle and take time to call 911. This is to ensure your safety when there is an existing accident or you are carrying delicate goods. This will help ensure that your goods are protected to its best condition. You may also lay out flares or put on lights to help the people around that your truck needs attention. Take time to plan and do not panic.

Be aware of your location.

Your location should be your next concern. It is best to carry a smart phone with GPS to identify your route and name of the street to easily inform others on your location. If you are not the owner of the truck, it would be wise to notify the owner or the dispatcher.

You may also need to call one of your closest friends to help you get the attention that your truck needs. You may also search for the nearest mobile truck repair services on Google if the smart phone that you are carrying has Google browser.

However, if you have not brought your phone or any device that could contact other people, search for someone to help you inform other people. This is really effective and wise to do especially when your truck is down on a cold weather.

Try to identify the problem of your truck.

Take time to identify the main problem of your mobile truck. Are there any air leak? Are the batteries all in good condition? Did you check the tires? These simple questions will help you identify the problem. This will help a company mechanic repair your truck without consuming much time. If you can identify the root of the problem then it would save you time and money.

You can have your personal documentation.

Some people leave no room for documentation because they do not know the importance of having personal information. If you are using your truck for business, it is best to create a simple time line from the time it is down to the time it is fixed. In your documentation, you can include additional information such as the people who have helped you and the advice that they have left for you.

So, the next time your truck shows inconsistency and signs of repair, you know exactly what to do. These are just basic strategies to help you ensure your safety and the condition of your truck. You can also ask your company mechanic for other basic things to remember when having trouble.