The Benefits of Installing Van Storage Systems

If you work as a trades person then your time is a precious commodity, as the old adage goes time equals money,but for a trades person this is particularly salient. Spending longer than needed on any job can have a knock on effect for other jobs, which can leave customers unhappy and your hourly income sliding down. Therefore, it is worth considering anything that will improve your chances of completing a job on time and to budget. Van storage systems could be a quick solution.

The installation of van storage systems has allowed many trades people to cut the amount of time they spend on a job simply by allowing them to be more organised. Recent research has shown that trades people who have installed a storage system save, on average, 1 hour per day of lost time that would otherwise be spent trying to find tools, parts or having to make an additional trip to recover something they may have forgotten. Having all the tools you need for a job conveniently at hand means you could be earning 7 hours worth of additional income a week, which is more than a day’s worth of income per month that could be gained simply by installing a van storage system.

Van storage systems also make your van a much safer working environment, especially if you have a lot of potentially dangerous tools rolling around whilst you drive. These could potentially fall out and injure you, resulting in time away from work. Installing cabinets, draws or racks to safely store your tools and equipment will ensure your tools don’t get broken and nor will your foot when you open the door.

Side van racking installed on the outside of a van can also increase its capacity to carry large objects such as ladders. Increasing capacity again results in fewer trips back and forth on a job, which saves you both time and money. It can also ensure you have the correct tools for a job and are not making do with what you can fit in the back of your van. Having adequate storage on your van can also make you look more professional, showing you have taken the time and effort to invest in your business.

Van storage systems often pay for themselves within a few months of installation, through the improved productivity of the trades person due to better organisation, and greater capacity in their van. It can also help to protect the interior of the van, allowing it to retain more of its value should you want to sell it in the future.