Vauxhall Vivaro Vans – 5 Reasons to Own

Any business with transport needs would benefit from having the Vauxhall Vivaro as part of its team. Why? Combining style with practicality, the Vivaro is hard to beat in the medium van class, with a number of key strengths that make it an indispensable workhorse. Let’s take a look at the areas in which it scores highly:

1. Style: Let’s face it, there are a lot of ugly vans out there! The Vivaro, on the other hand, boasts a stylish exterior design and an attractive interior, making its good looks undeniable. The dynamic cab styling, headlamp design and chrome bar on the radiator grille combine to make the Vivaro a distinctive vehicle on the road, with the optional body-coloured exterior parts completing the look. The attention to detail continues on the inside, where the Vivaro’s interior features stylish and durable upholstery that can, as an option, be complemented by alloy- and chrome-effect detailing.

2. Versatility: The Vauxhall Vivaro has clearly been designed with practical operation in mind. With an impressive load volume of 8.7 cubic metres and a payload of up to 1271 kg, it’s built to make light work of the transport needs of most businesses. Vauxhall offers both long or short wheelbase models and – with panel van, double-cab, drop-side and minibus versions available – the Vivaro is the answer to virtually every transport question that your business could pose! Plus the inside is packed with handy features that make life on the road a pleasure – including a range of great storage compartments, extra large door pockets, a cup holder and a sizeable drawer under the passenger seat. The optional selective door locking feature allows the side and rear doors to be unlocked separately from the cabin doors – ensuring that the cab and its contents remain secure during loading and unloading operations. Plus, with the option of Vauxhall’s unique FlexxCargo system, sliding straps make securing cargo to the side panels a breeze.

3. Comfort: The Vivaro’s cab offers the kind of comfort you’d expect in a car rather than a van. With a fully adjustable driver’s seat, a reach-adjustable steering column and power steering, driving for any length of journey is a pleasant experience. The dashboard-mounted gearshift affords unobstructed movement and a spacious feel in the cab. Adjustable headrests, a radio CD player and driver’s airbag are all supplied as standard, with electric windows and air conditioning available as an option.

4. Performance: Style and comfort are important parts of the driving equation but most van drivers and operators will admit that performance is the key factor in vehicle choice. Once again, the Vivaro scores highly here. Powerful yet fuel-efficient engines add refined performance and superior driveability to the Vivaro’s advantages. Vauxhall’s modern diesel engines are designed to deliver maximum fuel economy to meet today’s demanding logistics needs. Both the 2.0 CDTi (90PS and 115PS) and 2.5 CDTi (146PS) feature the very latest common-rail technology for improved fuel consumption, better torque at low revs for higher performance and longer engine life, plus lower noise and emission levels. While the standard six-speed manual transmission helps to optimise fuel consumption and reduce cabin noise, the optional Tecshift transmission combines all the benefits of an automatic with the control of a manual gearbox, enabling you to switch between automatic and clutchless manual modes. Anti-lock braking (ABS) with Brake Assist and an electronic engine immobiliser are fitted as standard on all Vauxhall Vivaro vans.

5. Choice: Vauxhall offers the Vivaro in both short and long wheelbase versions, with the latter featuring a double-cab model seating up to six. There’s also a choice of two roof heights, two gross vehicle weights (GVWs) and three diesel engines. What’s more, you can choose from double rear doors, a tailgate, a nearside and offside side access door and a full-height bulkhead. Plus there are the cool Sportive models, offering a superior specification in terms of driver comfort and sporty looks. The Vivaro Doublecab is a popular model for larger work teams, giving the flexibility to carry up to six people, whilst still offering up to 4.2 cubic metres of load space. On this model, twin sliding side doors and adjustable headrests are standard.

It’s clear that the Vivaro sets a pretty tough standard to beat. Once you’ve made your vehicle choice, however, there’s the all-important question of how to finance it. For many operators, contract hire is a flexible and economical solution to their business requirements. Designed to give maximum benefit for VAT-registered customers, it makes motoring both tax-efficient and risk-free. With predictable payments and minimal or no initial payment, Vaxhall Vivaro contract hire is great for easing cash flow. What’s more, with payments taking into account the vehicle’s future residual value, the user doesn’t have to repay the entire capital cost. Vehicles remain off balance sheet and the burden of administration and management is shifted to a third party if taken with maintenance. All of which allows you to focus on your business, improving success and profitability!